Biden on the verge of invading Canada, says China

PATO spokesman says it is “up to Biden” to prevent war.

100,000 U.S. troops have amassed along the Canadian border. Hoping to avoid nuclear war at all costs, Beijing has rejected Biden’s legitimate demand to exclude Canada from joining PATO (Pacific Asia Treaty Organisation), essentially giving the American president a green light to invade Canada so as to prevent Chinese missiles from being hosted on its doorstep. “War would be our last resort”, the White House has said.

Canada in turn has argued that it wants to join PATO so as to protect itself from American “aggression”. But the U.S. has said that it wouldn’t intervening on the side of pro-American separatists if Canada were not trying to brutally suppress their right to self-determination. The 2014 annexation of Quebec was defensive, Washington argues.

Beijing has argued that Canada has the right to threaten America by joining PATO because the majority of its brainwashed citizens approve such a move, citing Cuba in 1963 as a precedent. Washington has replied that the very same logic could be used to justify Beijing’s illegal 2003 invasion of Taiwan, since it was sanctioned by a majority of the Chinese public at the time.

In 2014, a violent communist coup (one of dozens of Chinese-orchestrated coups around the world since WWII) toppled the legally elected president of Canada, forcing the U.S. to mobilise 15,000 of its 25,000 legally stationed troops already in Quebec, a crucial American naval base. In a subsequent referendum, Quebecans (most of whom are in fact Americans) overwhelmingly voted in favour of (re)unification with their American motherland, thus preventing the deployment of PATO missiles on Washington’s doorstep.

Washington has argued that it doesn’t desire war, but that convoys of candy won’t convince Canada to stay out of PATO. A war after Canada joins the alliance, says Biden, would be much worse since it would activate the collective defence clause of the PATO treaty and lead to WWIII.

Additional demands from Biden include a major drawdown of PATO forces in the hemisphere. Analysts have argued that the whole crisis can be resolved by disbanding PATO altogether, since it is a pointless organisation which only serves as a mechanism for Chinese imperialism.

BRITAIN’S CLASS WAR ON CHILDREN — – the films and journalism of John Pilger

In this abridged article published by the London Daily Mirror and based on his 1975 film, ‘Smashing Kids’, John Pilger describes how class remains the most virulent disease in Britain, resulting in record levels of child poverty.

BRITAIN’S CLASS WAR ON CHILDREN — – the films and journalism of John Pilger

Far from a change, RCEP agreement is more capitalism as usual — Systemic Disorder

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is being called a new model of trade agreements. Such paeans appear to be premature, and we might better hold off on uncorking the champagne. It is best to remember that so-called “free trade” agreements are products of neoliberal assaults on any and all efforts to protect people and the […]

Far from a change, RCEP agreement is more capitalism as usual — Systemic Disorder

The Disgraceful Arrest of Julian Assange


The UK has no sovereignty! The UK must resist!

These were the words shouted by Wikileaks’ Julian Assange while being dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy by British police on Thursday. The cowardly Ecuadorian government invited the cops in to arrest him and take him away, betraying seven years of refuge they had provided him.

Assange’s fear that the British would extradite him to the US (directly or via Sweden) were he to set foot out of the embassy has been vindicated. A UN body classed him as a political refugee and he has received the support of millions around the world for his courageous exposure of Western imperialist machinations and atrocities.

Whatever Assange’s faults, the moral contrast between himself and his persecutors could not be more stark at this point. All those involved in his arrest and extradition to the US are debased cowards who unconscionably prostitute…

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The Decline of the US Does Not Mean Plain Sailing for China

Counter Information

It is more nuanced as the country faces challenges both known and unknown.

By Tom Clifford

Global Research, November 18, 2020

Who lost China? The question, first asked when Mao’s dictum about power coming from the barrel of a gun proved pertinent and Truman was in the White House, is being asked again with renewed vigor. Some in the West believed that greater engagement with China would inevitably lead to the country opening up and forging closer ties to the Unites States and Europe. China always viewed things differently. It is often overlooked, though not in China, that it has engaged with the West before, not to its advantage. And then there was 1999. Chinese-people are convinced they were deliberately attacked by America. The US bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999 was no accident, most people in China believe. US PresidentBill Clintonapologizing for the bombing, stating it…

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Atrocities of Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan — imperialismandthethirdworld

By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.        November 19, 2020 Note by Fazal Rahman The following article partially describes the extreme cowardly and sinister savagery and brutality of Australian Special Forces against the defenseless and unarmed Afghan prisoners, farmers, and other civilians in Afghanistan.  It only came to light because a former military lawyer, David McBride, provided the […]

Atrocities of Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan — imperialismandthethirdworld

Why the Military Establishment Backed Biden — Counter Information

By Chloe Rafferty Global Research, November 18, 2020Red Flag Australia 10 November 2020 The US military establishment will breathe a sigh of relief at Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Nearly 800 former high-ranking military and security officials penned an open letter in support of the Democratic candidate during the campaign. A who’s who of former generals, ambassadors, admirals and […]

Why the Military Establishment Backed Biden — Counter Information

The Dead And Those About To Die – Climate Protests And The Corporate Media — Media Lens

The Roman poet Horace famously declared: ‘Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.’ It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country. Wilfred Owen, the great English poet of the First World War, described this phrase as ‘the old Lie’ in his famous war poem, ‘Dulce et decorum est’. Patriotism so often means ‘honouring’…

The Dead And Those About To Die – Climate Protests And The Corporate Media — Media Lens