Victory for Cuba at the UN Human Rights Council — Counter Information

By Orinoco TribuneGlobal Research, October 16, 2020 Orinoco Tribune 13 October 2020 Today Cuba obtained a new and resounding victory in the UN Human Rights Council, gaining election to the body for the 2021-2023 period. Despite the aggressive campaign by the United States against the Cuban candidacy for the Council, the General Assembly elected Cuba as a […]

Victory for Cuba at the UN Human Rights Council — Counter Information

Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day by Supporting Indigenous Resistance

See my film on Native American genocide @

Counter Information

By Margaret FlowersGlobal Research, October 15, 2020

Popular Resistance 11 October 2020

This weekend, celebration of Indigenous People’s Day will replace the federal holiday, Columbus Day, in at least eight states and over 130 cities in 34 states. Along with the toppling of Columbus statues and the removal of a racial slur as a name for a major football team, this signals a shifting awareness in the United States of our colonial roots and ongoing Indigenous genocide and a desire for change.

If, like me, you are not indigenous, there are ways each of us can educate ourselves and those around us about the land we live on, to whom it belonged and how it was taken away from them. We can learn about the ways our actions may silence indigenous voices or otherwise contribute to their oppression. We can support indigenous people by buying from their businesses, contributing…

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France’s ‘Crisis’ with Islam: A Legacy of 200 Years of Colonial Brutality

Counter Information

Macron is not the first French ruler who wanted to ‘liberate’ Islam. This is an old French ‘secular’ tradition

By Joseph MassadGlobal Research, October 14, 2020

Middle East Eye 7 October 2020

France is in crisis.

Official and unofficial Christian French radical extremism, legitimising itself under the umbrella of what the French ostentatiously call laicité,continues to increase its attacks on French and non-FrenchMuslims.

The Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France(CCIF) listed 1,043 Islamophobic incidents that occurred in 2019 (a 77 percentincrease since 2017) –68 physical attacks (6.5 percent), 618 incidents of discrimination (59.3 percent), 210 incidents of hate speech and incitement to racial hatred (20.1 percent), 93 incidents of defamation (8.9 percent), 22 incidents of vandalism of Muslim sacred places (2.1 percent), and 32 incidents of discrimination linked to the fight against terrorism (3.1 percent).

French Christianand so-called “secular”hatred of Muslims is part of everyday speech by the…

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The Biden Doctrine: Cheerlead Wars, Feign Ignorance Later

Counter Information

By Nauman Sadiq

Global Research, October 08, 2020

If we look at the track record ofJoe Bidenduring his political career first as a senator and then as Obama’s vice president, he is a typical establishment Democrat who has played into the hands of the US national security establishment like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama before him.

But considering his hawkish record in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, supporting the Yugoslav wars during the Clinton presidency in the nineties, voting in favor of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in the Bush tenure and being a vocal proponent of the purported “humanitarian intervention” in Libya and the proxy war in Syria as Obama’s vice president, the Biden presidency would risk plunging the world into many more devastating conflicts.

As head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden said in 2002 that Saddam Hussein was a threat to national security and…

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The 1917 Balfour Declaration and the Zionist Origins of Saudi Arabia

Counter Information

Part II

Global Research, September 23, 2020

Abdel Aziz Ibn Saud’s actions during WWI eventually led to the founding of Saudi Arabia. To document a historically accurate account of his role, we examined in Part I three official documents from WWI. In Part II, we will examine one more war time declaration and narrate what really took place during that period.

4. The Balfour Declaration 

One of the most important statements of British foreign policy of the twentieth century, the ‘Balfour Declaration’ was no more than a short, vague letter that had no legal status. The Parliamen didn’t debate it. Yet, it was one of the most significant events leading ultimately to the creation of the state of Israel. Not to mention the conflict between Jews and Arabs ever since.

In this letter of November 2nd 1917, British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, wrote to Lord…

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Revolutionary Situation in Indonesia — imperialismandthethirdworld

Comment by By Fazal Rahman, Ph.D. October 7, 2020 Before the military dictatorship of Suharto, Communist Party in Indonesia was the third largest communist party in the world, after those of USSR and China. US and CIA supported military coup d’état unleashed great repression in Indonesia in 1965, brutally destroyed the Communist Party, killed around […]

Revolutionary Situation in Indonesia — imperialismandthethirdworld

‘None Of It Reported’: How Corporate Media Buried The Assange Trial — Media Lens

One of the most imposing features of state-corporate propaganda is its incessant, repetitive nature. Over and over again, the ‘mainstream’ media have to convince the public that ‘our’ government prioritises the health, welfare and livelihoods of the general population, rather than the private interests of an elite stratum of society that owns and runs all…

‘None Of It Reported’: How Corporate Media Buried The Assange Trial — Media Lens

A glimpse of the real Jimmy Savile -12 years ago


This, for me, is the moment, 12 years ago, that Jimmy Savile, revealed to the world that he was not one of Britain’s most-loved entertainers and charity fund-raisers, but an evil paedophile:

This is a still shot taken from a documentary by celebrated interviewer and documentary film maker Louis Theroux called “”When Louis met Jimmy” filmed in 2000.

In light of the hundreds of allegations of rape and abuse of children made against Savile, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) re-broadcast the documentary.

(You can watch the whole thing on Daily Motion)

Apart from showing Savile to be completely eccentric (he had no stove in his flat, smokes a cigar while exercising on his treadmill, never has guests around, prefers sleeping in a minivan to his Highland cottage), manipulative (he turns a question from Theroux about a secret stash of alcohol into an accusation that he may not be…

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Crimes in Afghanistan: Fatou Bensouda’s Investigative Mission — Counter Information

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark Global Research, March 08, 2020 It seemed an unlikely prospect. The International Criminal Court has tended to find itself accused of chasing up the inhumane rogues of Africa rather than those from any other continent. It has also been accused of having an overly burdensome machinery and lethargy more caught up with procedure […]

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