Ecuador: Down with Lenin Moreno!

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The Republic of Ecuador is in turmoil. Angered by the cuts to fuel subsidies, the poor and working class rose up against the government of Lenin Moreno. This is the same president who expelled Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and who turned out to be a neoliberal class traitor. Because Moreno and his political party are not right-wing officially, they used to be leftist and supportive of leaders like Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales. But Lenin Moreno is not like the revolutionary icon of Soviet-Russia. Unlike Vladimir Lenin, Lenin Moreno surrendered to the IMF, who demanded austerity and neoliberal politics for a big loan. President Moreno and his Proud and Sovereign Homeland Movement agreed and sold out the poor and working class!

The Proud and Sovereign Homeland Movement (PAIS Alliance) was founded in 2006 by Rafael Correa. This leftist populist was inspired by other Latin-American leaders…

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Counterpunch — ‘No friend but the mountains’: A history of US betrayal of the Kurds — Brett Wilkins

Originally published at Counterpunch To be clear, what follows is not an endorsement of a continued US military presence in Syria. There is, however, a difference between President Donald Trump attempting to fulfill a campaign promise to end American involvement in wars that have cost so much in blood and treasure and giving the green […]

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The Tories Have Brought Victorian Conditions Back To British Housing. Only Socialist Policies Can Reverse This Trend

Against Reaction

It’s been 174 years since the publication of Friedrich Engels’ classic study of poverty in Victorian society ‘The Condition of the Working Class in England’, and yet this passage from an Observer housing report, released today, reads like it is lifted straight out of the book:

“Whole families cook, eat and sleep in cramped, sometimes bedbug-infested single rooms. Clothes have to be washed by hand as they lack their own washing machines. Children do their homework on the floor because broken furniture is not replaced. The corridors are frightening no-go zones because they claim they are sharing with people straight out of prison and others with alcohol or drug addiction problems.”

“They are just some of the 66,910 households stuck in predominantly privately managed temporary accommodation in England. It is a figure that has grown by 64% since 2011 – as more and more low-income families have been driven out…

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FX & Imperialism — Economics of Imperialism

What affects the exchange rate of a country’s currency? The answer depends on where that country stands in the world economy. Not simply because an exchange rate is the value of one currency versus another, so that you must weigh up two or more countries. It is mainly because the capitalist world economy acts both…

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#TrumpBetrayedtheKurds: “Progressive Hollywood” Calls for War — OffGuardian

This is the ultimate victory of the Deep State in the United States. The zenith of Trump Derangement Syndrome: The Pavlovian conditioning of the entire “liberal” establishment.

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Goodbye Ginger Baker!! A Genius Drummer!! — Opher’s World

Cream remain one of the best Rock bands that ever recorded. Ginger was one of the best drummers I have ever seen! Right up there with Keith Moon! I have fond memories!! Ginger playing with Cream at the Windsor Blues Festival – a fabulous gig. I watched Clapton, Bruce and Baker from the Press enclosure. […]

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