The Whitewashing of the Nazis

Counter Information

Global Research, September 11, 2019
New Eastern Outlook 8 September 2019

I was going to write about Iraq and the American control of that tragic nation that has been, like many others, destroyed by the American war machine, but it is difficult to find out any real facts about anything in Iraq. All the news and reports are controlled, events are unexplained, the politics unclear, the American influence hidden in the dark shadows of their crimes, so I decided to write about the whitewashing of Nazis.

For while pondering what to write I watched a film on Netflix, a film that exposes just what the NATO countries are, the roots of their present foreign policies and treatment of their peoples. It’s a film that really excuses the barbarity of the US and NATO war machine, and their objective of revisiting World War II, which never ended for…

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Author: WeatherEye

Author of "Eurasian Tinderbox: The US Buildup against Russia and China". Ebook available at Amazon for $2.99 Producer of Flashpoints (2017), a documentary about NATO/Russia/Ukraine. Available for free viewing at

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