John Pilger’s urgent new film on ITV this December

A timely expose of the stealth selloff of Britain’s most vital public asset.

The award-winning investigative journalist has produced over 60 films for ITV.

John Pilger’s new documentary, The Dirty War on the NHS, “goes to the heart of the struggle for democracy today”, he says. Britain’s National Health Service, the NHS, was the world’s first universal public health service. Designed to give millions of people “freedom from fear”, the NHS today is under threat of being sold off and converted to a free market model inspired by America’s disastrous health insurance system, which results in the death every year of an estimated 45,000 people. Now President Trump says the NHS is “on the table” in any future trade deal with America. Filmed in Britain and the United States, this timely, compelling documentary touches us all and reveals what may be the last battle to preserve the most fundamental human right.


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Royal Air Force: Centenary of Carnage

“We reserve the right to bomb the niggers!”

“We reserve the right to bomb the niggers!”

Such was how then Prime Minister David Lloyd George defended the indiscriminate bombing of Kurdish villages by the Royal Air Force during the 1920s. Through a deal with France to carve up the post-WWI Middle East (Who is Responsible for Today’s Middle East?), Imperial Britain created Iraq and annexed its former province of Kuwait in order to landlock Iraq and thus maintain the flow of oil to the West[1][2].

When the Kurds bravely revolted against this oppression, they paid with their lives. “If the Kurds were going to misbehave”, recalled a pilot, “we would smack their bottoms”. Containing similarly callous veterans as well as elderly Kurdish survivors, the Channel 4 documentary from which this quote is taken – “Birds of Death” – is available on YouTube and worth watching.

To avoid international notoriety, then War Secretary Winston Churchill’s eager request to deploy mustard gas against these “recalcitrant tribes” was fortunately denied. But the campaign proved no less ruthless. “The attack with bombs and machine guns”, ordered one RAF commander, “must be relentless and unremitting and carried on continuously by day and night, on houses, inhabitants, crops and cattle”[1].

Lionel Charlton resigned after visiting a local hospital full of injured civilians. But other RAF commanders such as Arthur “Bomber” Harris showed no mercy. “The Arab and Kurd now know what real bombing means, in casualties and damage”, Harris intoned. “They know that within 45 minutes a full-sized village can be practically wiped out and a third of its inhabitants killed or injured”[1].

This soon became standard RAF practice in the Middle East, explains British historian David Omissi:

Schemes of air control similar to that practiced in Mesopotamia were set up in the Palestine Mandate in 1922 and in the Aden Protectorate six years later. Bombers were active at various times against rioters in Egypt, tribesmen on the Frontier, pastoralists in the Southern Sudan and nomads in the Somali hinterland[1].

Like the Palestinians the following decade (put down with comparable savagery that murdered thousands), the lightly armed Kurds were crushed and defeated. Likewise the Omani rebels in the 1950s, when Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson personally selected RAF targets: water treatment facilities, villages, and other civilian infrastructure. Read historian Mark Curtis’ research based on internal government files.

Empire Today

iraqAli Abbas: a symbol of the US-UK “Shock and Awe” blitz on Baghdad, March 20 2003

This all provided the precedent for the more recent holocaust in Iraq. During the 1991 Gulf War, the USAF and RAF decimated the civilian infrastructure of a country that once boasted, despite the formerly Western-backed Saddam dictatorship, one of the highest living standards in the Arab world[2].

Echoing Lloyd George, the Ministry of Defence justified one of its many attacks on civilian targets (in this case, a herd of sheep) documented by a UN report in the late 90s: “We reserve the right to take robust action”[2].

This, on top of an economic embargo that starved more than half a million children to death (“We think the price is worth it”, a US official explained at the time[2]).

Curtis refers to “the RAF’s secret drone war, which involves a fleet of “Reaper” drones operating since 2007 to strike targets in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria… The targeted killing of terrorists (and the use of force generally) is only lawful in self–defence or following UN authorisation, and thus the drone programme is widely regarded as illegal”.

Of the more than one million deaths caused during the Iraq War, 2% (20,000) were caused by American and British aircraft[Opinion Research Business]. Up to 90% of the dead were civilians[3], meaning US and British pilots slaughtered up to 18,000 innocent men, women and children. What heroes!

And then there’s Libya, where the RAF killed thousands at indiscriminate targets such as water and food facilities, schools, homes and other civilian infrastructure. This is documented by the International Legal Assistance Consortium, the Arab Centre for Human Rights and the Palestinian Centre of Human Rights. The “Shock and Awe” bombing of Baghdad on March 20 2003 followed the exact same procedure, taking some 10,000 lives.

Boasting the highest living standard in Africa, Libya’s greatest achievement (among many others) was the Great Manmade River Project, its deliberate bombing by NATO reflecting a broader campaign to terrorise and demoralise the Libyan people: with forbears like anti-Mussolini insurgent Omar Mukhtar, the West knew it was up against a brave and proud nation who do not accept colonization.

An Obama-sponsored genocide of blacks ensued via Al Qaeda-linked terrorists, including a group whose members included the eventual Manchester bomber. Chalmers Johnson: “blowback”.

2011 NATO assault on Libya was illegal, spawned Europe’s refugee crisis

In addition to 2-3000 civilians killed by airstrikes on Iraq and Libya since 2014[], the longest war in US history continues in Afghanistan and has witnessed horrifying civilian casualties resulting from Western (incl. RAF) airstrikes. Targets have ranged from weddings and funerals to villages and hospitals. This is all documented and systemic.

Prince Harry, a member of the 1% in whose interest imperialism is waged, is the veritable poster boy for the MoD as it seeks to revive jingoism amidst a country suffering from “Iraq War syndrome”. Harry, who once dressed up as a Nazi at a “colonels and natives” party, has likened shooting “raghead[s]” and “paki[s]” to playing a video game. Again, what a hero!

There is no pride in the most lethal weapon in Britain’s imperialist arsenal. There is no pride in a force that specialises in slaughtering children and women from high above, commanding the skies of other countries like a foreign overlord. With the exception of World War II, the British homeland has never faced a military threat.

All of Britain’s wars have been imperial endeavours to defend and advance the interests of the very same corporate elite that we rightly damn at home for dodging billions in tax every year while austerity and privatisation continues unabated on their behalf. The real enemy is at home, not abroad!

Air Power and Colonial Control: The Royal Air Force 1919-1939
2. Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq ITV (1999); watch at
3. American School of Public Health (2006); cited in The War You Don’t See ITV (2010), watchable at

The Irrelevance of the World Cup

So your team lost. Never mind. It’s just a game, after all. Grab a happy meal.

They say that simple things please simple minds, but that formulation hardly explains the phenomena of national mourning attending England’s loss in the World Cup. With internet and the like, knowledge is at our fingertips today.

Western power has obliterated whole sections of other societies whilst its corporations are bringing the industrialised world to the brink of ecological collapse. Unfortunately, the real world has no place in the artificial universe of a self-indulgent consumerist society. Terrorism is only objectionable when it happens to us, but we sleep tight (or endlessly twitter on our made-in-sweatshop devices) knowing that we “don’t know” our governments are doing the same. And God forbid that the victims should expect to just turn up at our shores on dingies to escape war!

One is hard-pressed to think of anything more pathetic and childish (not to say criminally negligent, given the above) than a grown man or woman crying after losing a game. Other connotations come to mind, not least of which are self-absorbed and shallow.

It was said that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Today, the triumph of evil relies mostly on silent witnesses whose tacit consent puts them at odds with any designation of “good”.

“Even when it was happening, it wasn’t happening”

As a dozen boys were rescued from Thailand, hundreds of children lay dead in Yemen from UK bombs and missiles dropped by Saudi Arabia. They continue to die. Those children and their families are not worth the same attention and concern accompanying a football these past couple of months. The Thai kids did, though, because the media told us to care. If the media omits something, that means it’s not happening. “Even when it was happening”, to quote UK playwright and “lefty” Harold Pinter, “it wasn’t happening”.

Hundreds of children and women perished under the illegal drone attacks of that wonderful progressive Barack Obama. According to herd ethics, the doubling of drone attacks by Trump is far less grevious a crime than his bigotry and mysoginy. That’s because his bombast unmasks the predatory nature of US empire, whose European dependents have duly benefited.

And let’s remember: Russia is the source of all evil. They poisoned the Skripals, they’re trying to take over Europe, and they interfered in the US elections. We know this, because we heard it on the “news”. The lack of evidence substantiating any of these delusions is moot: they are political lies designed to suit a geopolitical agenda. Tony Blair may be retired from politics, but his spirit continues to haunt the corridors of Whitehall.

Luckily for the denialists, I’m not going to go into details of climate change evidence. Got google? Use it. Try reconnecting with what’s really going on in the world. You already know the mainstream corporate media is lying to you. Stop pretending otherwise. Take responsibility as a citizen of the planet. Knowledge is power.

Oh yeah, and screw the World Cup.


Which Europe Do We Truly Want?

On the centenary of the First World War, German chancellor Angela Merkel questioned the future survival of European integration, a project designed to consolidate and salvage European postwar capitalism and close the nationally-divided ranks of its imperialist bourgeoisie.

The absence of a unified policy response to the global financial crisis in 2008 marked the beginning of the end of the project’s modern constitution, the European Union. Never without its dissenters within the bourgeoisie, the project’s divisions have come to a head with crises like the Eurozone, the refugee crisis engineered by US-EU wars, and now the very question of continued membership of EU states: in effect, the spectre of a nationalist breakup of the Brussels empire.

Brexit: Behind the Immigration Smokescreen

A turning point in the European crisis, the slender “no” vote in Britain’s EU referendum defied the dominant Europhilic section of her ruling class and plunged the nation into perhaps its greatest political crisis since the English civil war in the 17th century. A blow to imperialism and its insane war drive against nuclear-armed Russia, its official nationalist articulation by arch-reactionary UKIP did not withstand its progressive left-wing core: a defiance of Europe’s neoliberal priesthood in Brussels.

City of London: Home of British imperialist finance


The Remain camp, however, got overwhelming support from Britain’s corporate sector, for whom Europe is the single most important market. The majority of the business and political elite also backed Remain on the grounds that the interests of British imperialism are best served, as they generally have been since WWII, by dovetailing Britain’s foreign policy with America’s foreign policy: the so-called ‘special relationship’.

The Lexit campaign was equally nationalistic, hinged as it was on the defence of the ‘sovereignty’ of the capitalist state and the international advancement of British imperialism (see articles at It was mounted by ex-left opportunists who sought to advance themselves politically and financially by engineering the election of a Corbyn government.

The worst of the lot (unsurprisingly) was Labourite George Galloway, who shared a stage with Nigel Farage in the name of what he called – flashing his Stalinist credentials – a ‘Churchill-Stalin’-type tactical alliance.

Neoliberal Europe

Like the IMF and World Bank, and regardless of the fact that Soviet (state-capitalist, not socialist) economic life was worse, the EU dutifully transitioned to neoliberalism following the collapse of the keynesian consensus, swallowing up the economies of Eastern Europe with brutal policies of austerity and privatization.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the so-called PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) countries, where the Brussels bureaucrats have imposed savage austerity cuts since the 2008 financial crash that have spelt disaster for the populations.

Brussels dismissed a majority “no” vote in a Greek referendum and continued to impose austerity cuts that have plunged the country into a devastating depression, followed through by a spineless government (Syriza) elected on the basis of its fake left credentials.

Betrayed: The anti-austerity vote by the Greek people

Article 63 of the TFEU prohibits restrictions on the movement of capital both within the EU and between the EU and the rest of the world, while article 53 prohibits the EU from enforcing labour rights such as the minimum wage or the right to strike or join a trade union.

Short of a unanimous vote by all member states to amend such pro-free market clauses, prospects of EU “reform” were always illusory. Ditto a unanimous vote by the Council of Ministers to reverse the EU’s extensive powers.

‘Kept the peace in Europe’?

As documented by John Pilger, this aggressive free market drive by the EU – part of a broader eastward expansion in tandem with imperialist NATO following the demise of the USSR – played a central role in the NATO attack on Yugoslavia in 1991 that murdered at least 500 civilians and became the model for even more murderous wars of aggression based on ludicrous lies about WMDs (Iraq 2003) and pending genocide (Libya 2011).

NATO’s indiscriminate terror bombing of Yugoslavia (1999)

Far from preventing a third world war, the EU has contributed to the prospect: when it tried to barge its way into Ukraine with an Association Agreement in late 2013, the EU and US helped engineer an illegal coup – led by neo-Nazis, no less – to oust the elected government after it cancelled the Agreement at the last minute. Since then, a civil war has wrecked the country, while NATO has carried out the biggest military buildup on Russia’s borders since the Nazis.

Under Article 42 of the Lisbon Treaty and protocols 10-11 of the Functioning of the EU, the EU must conform to NATO planning, a point reiterated by one of the protocols in the Association Agreement signed off by the new US-installed regime.

Despite official denials from Kiev that it had prospects of joining NATO, this partly prompted Russia’s “invasion” of majority-Russian Crimea, already home to Moscow’s crucial Black Sea Fleet with its treaty quota of 25,000 troops at the historic naval base.

The Return of Fascism

The betrayals of the liberal bourgeoisie and the absence of a genuine left-wing alternative and perspective in electoral politics has lead many desperate and confused voters into the arms of the extreme right: the only remaining anti-EU force. Thus Italy has gone right, Hungary has gone quasi-fascist and the betrayals of Syriza could mean Greece may elect neo-Nazi Golden Dawn too. Such is the consequence of the neoliberal and antidemocratic EU.

Fascism returns to Europe: Greek neo-Nazis exploit “left” capitulation to the Troika

As the EU collapses, Russia provides a common enemy against whom all member states can unite and salvage the European project, propelling the war drive against Russia that now threatens humanity’s survival more than any time since the Cold War. But being dependent on Russian energy exports, this aggressive campaign has only compounded internal division within the EU elites on whether to favour or oppose/moderate this campaign.

The EU thus finds itself riddled with seemingly irresolvable political and economic contradictions and crises that put the very future of the European project into question. Its very premise that Europe’s historic tendency for conflict between competing nation-states could be resolved without obliterating the national division of a globalised economy – capitalism’s central contradiction – is an absurdity highlighted every day. The struggle for a democratic Europe is part of the struggle for a democratically planned global economy of collective ownership of resources and industry to the benefit of all, not the few.

“Chemical attack” on Dhouma: Foam, Lies and Videotape

Last month, the Russian MoD warned of an imminent false flag chemical attack by Syrian rebels – complete with cameramen from the White Helmets, a propaganda agency (perhaps more so, judging by their AK-armed celebrations with al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra as seen on Youtube) founded by former MI5 agent James Le Mesurier and funded by the British Foreign Office, USAID and terrorist-funding Qatar – in order to induce Western intervention to rescue their cornered insurgency.

Without independent corroboration, these Russian claims were unverifiable. But then, on April 7 in Dhouma, an alleged chemical attack indeed occurred as forecast by Russia. The Russians then released a video interview with two doctors who work at the hospital where people were treated for the alleged attack, revealing how the White Helmets came in shouting about a gas attack and started dosing people with water.


Lack of information about this anonymous pair and the lack of proof that that they worked at the hospital gave cause for scepticism. Could they not be Assad agents?

But on this score too the Russians proved reliable: a verified doctor at the hospital in question gave The Independent‘s Robert Fisk, Britain’s most esteemed Middle East correspondent and author of the highly recommended The Great War for Civilization: Conquest of the Middle East, described how a bunch of people came in shouting about a gas attack and brought in alleged victims that they hosed with water. The doctor did not witness the event but cited his colleagues, who said the victims in the video are suffering from hypoxia induced by a dust storm resulting from heavy wind and shelling.

Three more doctors independently confirmed this account, minus the hypoxia claim that is consistent with SOHR reports on April 8 of 21 civilian deaths resulting from a collapsed shelter, to OAN reporter Pearson Sharp, adding that they had cameramen filming it. 30-40 local residents randomly interviewed by Sharp all deny the chemical attack occurred, many of them saying it was staged by Jaish al-Islam, the terror group that was in control of Dhouma.

fisksharp2.png   The Independent’s Robert Fisk (left) and OAN’s Pearson Sharp (right) in Dhouma, Syria

As shown by analysis by blogger MoonofAlabama, in the later videos, some of the same bodies appearing in their earlier videos have been moved around and been added shaving cream for fake mouth foam. Seventeen witnesses have now confirmed the hoax at a Russian-sponsored conference predictably blacked out by the Western media. The UK is being distracted by the royal wedding.

Scott Ritter, who was UNSCOM’s chief weapons inspector in Iraq, said in 1999 that “By 1998…the physical infrastructure (of Iraq’s WMDs) had been eliminated”, recently told Flashpoints radio’s Dennis Bernstein: “The totality of Syria’s chemical weapons program was eliminated (by the OPCW in 2016)”.

Ritter questioned why Syria, on the brink of victory, would launch a West-provoking attack on a site of “zero military value”. He doubted Syria’s role in prior alleged chemical attacks, branding the 2013 Ghouta attack a rebel false flag to provoke Western intervention. Dhouma too was “a staged event, an act of theater”. Had the missile-struck site really stored nerve agent, he added, its bombing would have caused “hundreds if not thousands of deaths”. Yet there were zero!

Washington meanwhile, ever keen to blame Moscow for everything under the sun, has insisted that any evidence may be tampered with by the pesky Russians. Contrary to Western propaganda, it was not Syria (who requested the OPCW investigation) and Russia but Trump’s airstrikes that has stalled the OPCW team’s investigation, having been launched as soon as they arrived.

The failed regime change operation in Syria since 2011, which has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions more displaced from their country, has been designed to replace Assad with a puppet wahabbi regime to isolate growing Iranian-Russian influence in the strategic oil-rich Middle East. To this end, any pretext will do, no matter how bogus.

The Real Factors That Have Driven RussiaGate

A manufactured ‘grand enemy’ that serves to unify a crisis-ridden and divided Western power structure

The manufactured RussiaGate scandal that has engulfed US politics since the election of President Donald Trump has been branded my some as the New McCarthyism. Despite memo after memo, the US Intelligence Committee recently concluded there was no proof of Russian interference in the 2016 election: the suspicion of all those with “a modicum of intelligence” (John Pilger).

It all started with the leakage of DNC emails to Wikileaks, a whistleblowing organisation whose courageous editor-in-chief Julian Assange, currently holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, denied that Moscow was the source, who was more likely a DNC employee disgruntled by the DNC’s replacement of Bernie Sanders with Hilary Clinton, effectively guaranteeing Trump’s victory.

Wikileaks’ Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange: Russian government is not the source for 2016 DNC email leak

Clinton, whose corruption and war crimes were laid bare by the emails’ contents, began to cite Russian President Vladimir Putin as the leak’s source, having “hacked” the DNC’s computer system. An evidently unhinged Hilary threatened (nuclear) war against Russia and China in response to their alleged cyberattacks.

Having previously threatened to “totally obliterate” Iran in response to a hypothetical Iranian missile strike on Israel, Clinton obviously does not extend this right to Iran, victim of cyberwarfare by the Obama administration and Mossad.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Congress that the RussiaGate story was the conclusion of a dozen agents he handpicked from America’s top three intelligence agencies, not all seventeen as Clinton had claimed during the election campaign. Clapper’s belief that Russians are genetically anti-Western may give an indication as to how random his handpicking was…

It is remarkable that no proof for RussiaGate emerged prior to the election, America being in possession of a global surveillance racket whose exposure by State Department whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 did not elicit a comparable response from the media and politicians. Oh, well. If saint Obama’s reputation can survive massacring hundreds of children by drone and arming Saudi and Israeli war crimes, it can surely survive an illegal spying program…

RussiaGate has been driven by both domestic and geopolitical factors:

1. Consolidate US elite and public support for the New Cold War

Since the 2014 Ukraine crisis, the world has effectively entered a New Cold War. Profitable as ever for the military industrial complex, the US establishment obviously wants US public opinion on board.

Significantly, even US elite opinion was divided as to whether Russia or China should be prioritised as the chief challenge to US global dominance. Since RussiaGate, however, it seems both nuclear rivals are in Washington’s crosshairs. This is perhaps the most dangerous period since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

2. Criminalize domestic dissent

The 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement reflected growing anti-capitalist sentiment among the American masses, sentiment bound to increase as police shootings, gun rampages and other social ills increase. As society breaks down, dissent must be silenced.

As Facebook and Google seek to censor real journalism under the guise of curbing “fake news”, the criminalization of dissent as treasonous collaboration with a foreign adversary has clear totalitarian implications. Fascism, said Lenin, is capitalism in crisis.

3. Scapegoat Trump and other societal ills

Trump capitalised on the anger created by neoliberal deindustrialization, a bipartisan policy the Democrats hope to distract from by blaming a foreign source for his election victory. This obviates critical analysis of the Trump phenomena and externalises the blame, as if it has no roots in American society. Estranged from the Democrats, many of Trump’s rustbelt voters were from former Obama strongholds, who suffered the brunt of job offshoring and infrastructure decay.

By the same token, US politicians are now blaming gun rampages – an expression of societal breakdown courtesy of bipartisan pro-corporatism – on fictional Russian Twitter trolls!

When it becomes increasingly obvious who is really responsible for America’s social ills, namely the ruling 1%, the latter are forced to resort to nonsense that only further reflects the reality they seek to obstruct.

US corporations and Wall Street are the ultimate meddlers in US politics: according to a congressional study, 93% of US elections have been won by the candidate that got the most funding. Millions of dollars are required to get on the ballot, guaranteeing the constant monopoly of the two main bought-and-paid-for parties: the Demopublicans and Republicrats.

Insofar as its economic/strategic interests determine both domestic and foreign policy, this elite also meddles in the blood of US citizens, not to mention that of millions of innocent civilians in the countries targeted by US wars. By the logic of RussiaGate, this is ample grounds for a domestic insurrection. For the American people, the real election meddlers are at home.

Seven Myths You’ve Been Told About Russia

A summary of New Cold War propaganda

1. Poisoned Alexander Litvivenko
The UK Inquiry was a farce: the evidence was classified and witnesses all anonymous. The conclusion was clearly a politically predetermined one. It was, however, the same poison by which Israel assassinated Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

2. Started the 2008 Georgia-South Ossetia conflict
An European Council investigation found that, despite excessive force by Russia during the course of the war, Georgia – led by a NATO-aspiring puppet of the Bush administration – had started it by attacking South Ossetia in an attempted Western-backed annexation. This contradicts the mass media narrative in the West and demonstrates the hypocrisy of the next lie.

3. Started the Ukraine crisis
For 200 years, the Crimean port of Sebastopol has been home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, which bears historical, cultural and strategic significance for Russia.

By treaty, Russia could keep a maximum of 25,000 troops at the naval base. The viciously anti-Russian regime in Kiev, brought to power by an illegal US-engineered coup the previous February, may well have canceled this lease and evicted the Russian fleet from Crimea, replacing it with a NATO base right on Russia’s doorstep. This prompted Putin’s “invasion”.

In a subsequent referendum overseen by international observers, the majority-Russian population of Crimea overwhelmingly voted for reunification with their Russian motherland, having previously sought to through earlier referendums without success.

4. Shot down MH17

The claim that Russia had supplied the eastern Ukraine rebels with the BUK missile system that ended up downing MH17 was never proven. It has not even been proven that the rebels did it: the Dutch Safety Board’s identification of the weapon as a Buk was flawed and witnesses interviewed by BBC Russia saw MH17 tailored by Ukrainian fighter jets (the real culprit according to analysis by a retired German commercial pilot) just minutes before it was downed. The Russian MoD corroborated this by disclosing radar data.

The Americans have never disclosed their alleged radar data proving separatist responsibility, while Kiev ATC’s decision to divert the low-flying jetliner over a war zone has never been adequately explained. Live Twitter feeds by ATCer “Carlos” say that Ukraine shot it down and subsequently took over the ATC tower.

There are many websites, blogs and Youtube videos forwarding both sides of the MH17 responsibility debate.

5. State-sponsored doping of Russian athletes
The ban was based solely on the McLaren report, whose flaws are outlined by Consortium News’ Rick Sterling:

-It relied primarily on the testimony of one person, the former Director of Moscow Laboratory Grigory Rodchenkov, who was implicated in extorting Russian athletes for money and was the chief culprit with strong interest in casting blame somewhere else.

-It accused Russian authorities without considering their defense and contrary information.

-It excluded a written submission and documents provided by a Russian authority.

-It failed to identify individual athletes who bemefited but instead cast suspicion on the entire team.

-It ignored the statistical data compiled by WADA which show Russian violations to be NOT exceptional.

-It failed to provide the source for quantitative measurements.

-It claimed to have evidence but failed to reveal it.

Sterling further observes that the “whistleblowing” Stepanovs were themselves involved in doping and therefore had bias in pushing blame higher up the ladder to the Russian state. They now live in the US, suggesting possible political bias too.

6. Interfered in the US presidential election
Perhaps the most outrageous allegation yet and the bogus pretext behind the so-called RussiaGate scandal, referred to by some as the New McCarthyism and whose realreal agenda is to solidify US elite and public opinion against Russia.

When it comes to hard evidence, the ludicrous claim that Putin put Trump in the White House is predictably lacking:
having reviewed one “bombshell” report after another, the House on US Intelligence finally concluded that there was no proof of Russian interference.

During the 2016 election campaign, Trump’s Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton claimed that all seventeen US intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia hacked into the DNC computer system. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper later clarified that this was only the conclusion of agents he had handpicked from the three umbrella agencies, not all seventeen. Clapper probably handpicked fellow Russiophobes: Russians, he believes, are “almost genetically” anti-Western!

For broader analysis debunking the RussiaGate story, go to

7. Poisoned the Skripals
The UK High Court ruled that “the [blood] samples tested positive for the presence of Novichok class nerve agent, or a closely related agent“. The latter phrase could refer to literally any nerve agent, of which most were developed in Germany and the UK, not Russia.

The formula for Novichok has been in the public domain since 2008 and the nerve agent has been successfully developed by Cuba and Iran. Since 1992, the Americans have been assisting Uzbekistan shut down the old Soviet plant that allegedly produced it. London’s claim that only the Russians had access to Novichok is therefore a demonstrable lie.

Why Russia would poison this man eight years since his pardoning, much less on the eve of its presidential election and three months before hosting the World Cup, is anyone’s guess. Why the West would want to poison this man in order to convince the UN to authorise a US invasion of Syria, where its regime change operation is collapsing rapidly, is every thinking person’s strong suspicion. Russia and Damascus had just uncovered a chemical weapons factory in East Ghouta, the last stronghold of a fledging Western-backed terrorist insurgency.

For more critical analysis of the Skripal case, go to

Why the West is against Russia and China

Purchase my ebook of the New Cold War at

Here’s more shit for your face.

Such is how former US President Bill Clinton recalled his relationship with Russia’s first post-Soviet President Boris Yeltsin, an unscrupulous drunk who oversaw his country’s shock transition to free market capitalism.

Yeltsin’s imposition of the IMF’s “shock therapy” measures, assisted by Clinton-sponsored academics led by Harvard’s Jeffrey Sachs, spelt disaster for the Russian people: 30% were plunged into poverty, most of their savings were wiped out by hyperinflation sparked by the removal of price controls, the GDP halved and crime and corruption soared. As Clinton preached the wonders of capitalism during a speech in Moscow, people froze to death in the streets: American beneficence at its finest.

The Western press praised Yeltsin as Russia’s first democrat. Putin, by contrast, is given pariah status by the same press today, which never extends its self-righteous hysteria against Russia – by now bordering on the psychotic – to Western ally Saudi Arabia for its stoning of gays, much less its largely unreported slaughter of Yemeni women and children with American and British supplied weaponry.

Where in the West do you hear that Putin has presided over a record reduction in Russian poverty? Yeltsin did the opposite and was praised. Putin’s unforgivable sin has been to pull Russia from the chaos of the Yeltsin era and restore the country’s sovereignty.

Eurasia: The Grand Imperial Prize

With its huge geographic size and strategic location, a powerful and sovereign Russia poses a direct challenge to America’s dominance over Eurasia, home to much of the world’s markets and resources: the ‘Grand Chessboard’ concept developed during the 1990s by the late godfather of global jihadism Zbniew Brzezinski.

From the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation to the BRICS alliance to the Eurasian Economic Union, Russia has formed an eastern sphere of influence with China and Iran that undercuts America’s post-WWII hegemony. Like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, the aforementioned nations are poised to stop trading in the dollar. China has just announced the “petro-yuan”.

The US is determined to maintain its unipolar order and reverse the new multipolar dawn by a desperate gunpoint strategy: seizing on “Russian aggression” in Ukraine, NATO has carried out the biggest buildup on Russia’s borders since WWII, generating over sixty near-miss incidents with Russian forces. Any one of these incidents could have sparked a terminal nuclear war.

In response to China’s military and (enormous) economic rise, Washington’s “Pivot to Asia” has sought to redeploy 60% of US naval and air assets to the Asia Pacific by 2020. In the event of war, the Pentagon’s “AirSea Battle” plan envisages huge missile strikes on China and a naval blockade of her economic chokepoints in the South China Sea, where US incursions to challenge Beijing’s articial airstrips have raised the spectre of a devastating conflagration.

The Historic Crisis of Imperialism


Fifteen years ago last month, the Middle East was plunged into chaos by the illegal invasion of Iraq. Like the Nazi attack on Poland in 1939, “Shock and Awe” was a textbook case of the crime of aggression, described at Nuremberg as the worst of all crimes because it is responsible for, and hence encompasses, all the evil consequences that follow.

A million deaths later, we have seen a failed Western regime change operation in Syria, where Assad’s ouster would isolate growing Russian and Iranian influence in the Middle East. Having failed to transform Iraq and Afghanistan into strategic outposts and reassert its control over the energy markets of the Middle East and Central Asia, the West is desperate to salvage its declining hegemony.

Impunity has emboldened the war criminals: today, fabricated WMD lies are directed not against defenceless Iraq but nuclear-armed Russia. Washington’s determination to sustain a dying unipolar order portends an even greater, perhaps terminal, calamity for the great mass of humanity. Unless, for its own sake and that of its children, it finally awakens from its long slumber.

Skripal Poisoning: Russian Hit or Western False Flag?

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has sought to exploit the incident in Salisbury as a ‘Falklands moment’ to save her lame duck premiership. A Corbyn government is a very real prospect at the next election and, for the ruling elite, a terrifying one.

Cui Bono?

A Member of Parliament on the investigative committee, speaking anonymously, told America’s Newsweek: “One thing that makes me cautious is that it’s just an incredibly dumb thing to do right now. Russia is on its best behaviour before the World Cup…. This was done in such a public manner. For Putin, there’s nothing but damage from this”[].

Former UK ambassador to Russia Andrew Wood concurred to The Guardian: “it’s very hard to see what profit they can get from this”[].

The West, on the other hand, has much to gain from this event: not only to get the UN to authorise its plan to invade Syria[] and salvage what’s left of its seven-year campaign to topple the Assad regime (having just liberated what was the last remaining Western-backed terrorist stronghold, East Ghouta[], where both Assad and the Russian MoD uncovered a factory for an imminent false flag chemical operation to legitimate US intervention[]), but to (unsuccessfully) undermine Putin’s re-election and even engineer a boycott of the Russian-hosted World Cup in three months’ time: for the West, an intolerable opportunity for Russia to bolster its image on the international stage while it helps China and Iran counter the Anglo-American unipolar order ().

Finally, the incident serves to distract from and perhaps even reverse Brexit, a blow to imperialism and the potential cause of the UK Tory Party’s collapse. And of course, this incident happened to occur on the eve of Bill Browder’s “fake news” testimony before parliament[].

Skripal was pardoned by Russia in 2010 as part of a big spy swap with Britain. If Russia wanted to kill him, why has it taken them eight years to do so? Even if Russia had done this kind of thing before (Litvivenko doesn’t count – the recent UK Inquiry was an utter farce[]), that would only provide a template for false flag operatives.

Novichok: WMD Lies

The UK High Court ruling on March 22 confirmed that “the [blood] samples tested positive for the presence of a novichok class nerve agent or a closely related agent“[]. Porton Down’s head Gary Aitkenhead reiterated this to Sky News, emphasizing that the lab could not determine the precise source of the agent[].

The phrase “or a closely related agent” could literally refer to any nerve agent, most of which were originally developed in Germany and the UK, not Russia. As former UK ambassador to Russia Craig Murray has said, this is “irrefutable evidence” that the British government has been lying.

Murray provides the following intriguing account of the hitherto murky identification process:

I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve gas as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so. Porton Down would only sign up to the formulation “of a type developed by Russia” after a rather difficult meeting where this was agreed upon as a compromise formulation.

Novichok is said to be 3-8 times deadlier than VX, notes blogger MoonofAlabama, of which one drop alone will kill a person. Yet the Skripals are still fighting for their lives in hospital. It took nearly a week for Public Health to issue a safety advice – wash your hands and wet-wipe personal items – to those who visited the restaurant[]. Contrary to remarks by its scientific adviser Ian Boyd, Defra has declared Salisbury “safe for residents and visitors”[].

Even if it was novichok that was used, moreover, that still would not prove Russian responsibility:

*Last year, the Organisation for Prohibiting Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirmed the destruction of Russia’s entire stockpile of chemical weapons[].

*UK weapons experts have told The New Scientist‘s Debora MacKenzie that, since the scientific publication of its formula in 1992, several countries have been capable of developing Novichok[]. The Soviet dissident who first disclosed the existence of novichok also reproduced its formula in his 2008 book State Secrets.

*According to a leaked WMD study by US private intelligence firm Stratfor, Cuba has successfully developed novichok[].

*In 2016, Iran successfully developed novichok, in full cooperation with the Organisation for Prohibiting Chemical Weapons (OPCW)[].

*The Americans have been assisting Uzbekistan in shutting down the very Soviet chemical plant that produced novichok[].

*In 1995, Russian banker Ivan Kivelidi was poisoned by Russian criminals using Novichok, having purchased it (complete with instructions) from Leonid Rink, head of the former Soviet lab that produced it. Rink’s stock, which he kept in his garage after the USSR dissolved, fell into the hands of other crime syndicates, the investigation learned[].

*In last November’s episode of a UK TV drama produced by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox, a Russian scientist poisons people using novichok: the obvious inspiration for May’s story[].

The government’s Porton Down laboratory, moreover, is just eight miles from Salisbury and is not unfamiliar with testing biochemical weapons on UK citizens: Gruinard Island (1942), Lyme Bay (1963-75) and postwar sarin gas testing on UK servicemen to name a few examples.

Vlad Pasechnik, a Soviet biowarfare expert who worked at Porton Down following his defection in 1989, died in Salisbury in 2001, a year after his retirement[]. Perhaps MI6 was worried about him leaking the fact that the lab had been secretly resuming its production of nerve gas, the cause of multiple fatal accidents among its employees[<, since its official end in 1989 (the year he began there, placing him in a good position to know)[].

Who is Sergei Skripal?

Skripal was a double agent for MI6, not a defector: he was sentenced by Russia in 2006 and pardoned in 2010.

The Daily Telegraph reports that he was a close associate of Salisbury-based Pablo Miller, a known MI6 recruiter of Russians and ongoing security consultant for Orbis Business Group, the firm behind the RussiaGate ‘Steele dossier’. The latter connection was suspiciously removed from his Linkedin account even before the Telegraph article was published[].

Based on the above link between Skripal and Miller, Consortium News’ James O’Neill has hypothesized that Skripal may have assisted the Steele dossier and was poisoned for threatening to talk amidst the current implosion of RussiaGate.

The unprecedented integration of the Deep State and the Democrats (see The CIA takeover of the Democrats, in response to Trump lends credence to O’Neill’s hypothesis, not to mention the CIA’s long and bloody history of covert terror and assassination[].


1. If Russia wanted revenge for Skripal’s treason, they would have killed him during his jail term or during the eight years since his pardoning.

2. Russia is hardly likely to have done this three months before it hosts the World Cup AND ten days before the presidential election. As the main beneficiary, this makes the West the prime suspect.

3. The identification of the substance used as novichok is murky and clearly based on last November’s episode of a UK TV drama. Even if true, it would not prove Russian responsibility in the least. It is not inconceivable that some ex-Soviet states, especially the ultra-Russiophobic ones like Poland and Ukraine (the latter, rather than Russia, may have been behind the MH17 shootdown), have retained novichok.

4. German newspaper Der Spiegel cites a senior German official as saying that the documents the UK has shared with German intelligence provide “no definitive proof that the Russian state was behind the attack”[].

5. Skripal may have been involved in drawing up the Steele dossier and was threatening to spill the beans amidst RussiaGate’s current implosion, providing a motive for the Deep State to bump him off.

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